The Workouts

Your Custom-Made Routine

Our exercise plans are customized to fit your personal fitness level and ability. We want you not only to obtain the results you desire, but to enjoy each and every workout you engage in. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, boost strength, or completely reshape your body, your trainer will work with you to find the perfect program that brings you optimal success.


Performance Enhancement

Each custom workout is comprised of different weight and strength training exercises. The object is to reach your health and fitness goals while expanding your knowledge of how to properly perform an array different exercises. You will learn how to comprise an optimal workout to properly and effectively isolate and strengthen every muscle in your body.

Total-Body Fitness

With Aspire, all aspects of physical fitness are taken into account and pushed in order to achieve physical growth. This will include exercises to improve balance, coordination, stamina, endurance, flexibility, and muscle growth. You will learn how to identify each of these physical attributes within your own body and how to measure your growth as you progress throughout the program.

Enjoying Your Routine

The workouts are tailored to accommodate your personal fitness level and pace. Any past or present injuries will be taken into account and your workouts will be adapted accordingly. Above all, they will be designed with your personal enjoyment and satisfaction in mind. This will ensure that you enjoy your experience while developing healthy behaviors that you will adopt and practice for life.

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